5 Reasons to Upgrade your MINT Subscription from Classic to Premier

One of the many reasons so many people love MINT E-courses is due to our easy access to high quality and robust aesthetic training courses for multiple team members. Chock-full of high definition videos, hands on demonstrations, and valuable resources, MINT’s Classic E-course Subscription is a perfectly capable option for your individual or small practice needs.
Sure, the price is right on a Classic Subscription. But just like the day we eventually purchase the premium meditation sounds for our Calm app 😉 (well, most of us), there will come a time to pull the trigger on adding advanced treatments and expert knowledge to your training regimen. And that may mean upgrading to a MINT Premier E-course Subscription.
The good news is, if you’re happy with all the functionality you get in a Classic Subscription, you’ll be delighted by the extra features and access of a Premier Upgrade.
Here are a few benefits you get when upgrading from MINT Classic to MINT Premier:

  1. Get Up-close & Personal with Dr. Jay Burns

As part of our MINT Premier, we have partnered with esteemed plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Burns, for a number of Premier E-courses. Well known amongst his peers and players in both the Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics industries, Dr. Burns is considered a world leading laser expert. With a MINT Premier Subscription, you will gain access to hours of content from Dr. Burns himself sharing 20+ years of experience on advanced combination treatments, settings protocols, and post-care procedures.

  1. Pay for your Upgrade by Adding Laser Resurfacing to your Treatment Offerings

We have already launched an Advanced Laser Resurfacing Course as part of the Premier Subscription. Laser Resurfacing is one of those most rewarding but one of the most complicated procedures to perform, and it also one of the most profitable! 🤑

  1. Never Miss a MINT Virtual Immersion Course Again

Frustrated because your calendar never seems to have an 8 hour opening when MINT Virtual Immersion Courses are offered? Premier subscribers have unlimited access to recordings of the trainings. Don’t stress about canceling that long-planned day off and dive into the training materials and presentations on your own time.

  1. Save 15% OFF Additional Opportunities for Training

Premier gives you access to a lot of hours staring at our faces, but you also get the added benefit of additional savings if you want even more! Premier Subscribers save 15% OFF LIVE trainings, group courses, and consulting calls!

  1. We’re Just Getting Started

It’s hard for us to adequately communicate how excited we are about MINT Premier, because we have a million things in the works that we can’t quite show you yet. From sit-down chats with experts in the laser industry, to panel discussions on combination treatments and exclusive advanced training presentations, our launch calendar for the next 6-12 months is jam-packed with awesomeness! 🤩


Interested in learning more about our different subscription types and taking your training to the next level? We are here to help! Schedule a DEMO with our team to take a look at Premier for yourself or call us and find out what kind of upgrade opportunities are available with your current subscription.