5 Things Botox Can Do – Besides Get Rid of Wrinkles

We are all familiar with the effectiveness of Botox for smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. Is that the only thing that it is good for? The short answer: “No way!” This magical wizard of injectables can help with so much more! Let’s explore some of its lesser known uses.

  1. Mimic a nose job

Non surgical nose job? Sign us up! As we start to age, our nose can begin to sag, causing a more hooked appearance which makes the whole face look more droopy. Botox can be used to help by lifting the nose. A nose job that takes years off in only ten minutes. For this treatment, your injector can inject Botox at the base of the nose, between your nostril, which releases the depressor muscle that pulls the nose downward, making the whole face appear more lifted.

  1. Prevent teeth clenching and grinding

Stress is an unfortunate part of life, and many of us are probably familiar with it impacting our sleep patterns and molar health. We find ourselves clenching our teeth in stressful situations, sometimes at night when we are sleeping and can’t make ourselves stop. Excessive teeth clenching and grinding can cause a misaligned bite, tension headaches, and more.  Injecting Botox into the masseter muscle that runs along the jawline can weaken it and help to ease the pain. You can see an impact in as little as a week after treatment. This can also soften your jawline and chin making your cheeks appear more narrow and lifted.

  1. Manage acne and control pores

Botox can be used to curb oil production and reduce breakouts. Tiny amounts of Botox injected superficially can reduce oil gland production without impacting the movement of facial muscles. This also helps to reduce the appearance of pores, making them smaller. Though it can technically be used to quell oil production anywhere on the face, we caution against using Botox all over because of potential effects on muscular activity. Other acne control treatments are recommended for severe issues. The most common and effective area for managing mild acne and oil production is on the forehead.

  1. Smooth the neck

As we age, neck muscles can start to enlarge and protrude out. This results in the appearance of thick, tight cords. The muscles in the neck and the superficial muscles of the face are connected to each other, so this tightening of the neck muscles can also pull our facial features forward. Horizontal wrinkles can be temporarily erased with Botox. Tiny amounts can be injected into the muscles above and below the lines, all the way around the neck. When they relax, the skin looks smoother. Relaxing the neck muscles also gets ride of the tight cords, lifting the face and essentially accomplishing a nonsurgical facelift.

  1. Calm or prevent excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can be a huge nuisance as well as a source of embarrassment. Similar to how Botox can help reduce oily skin on your face, injecting it into the sweat glands in your armpits can help to stop sweat production. It prevents the message from your serves from getting to your sweat glands. The results are significant, and can help reduce sweat by as much as 87%. The FDA has approved this used of Botox and the procedure will not hinder the body’s natural cooling-off method.

There is more to Botox than you might’ve thought! Interested in learning more about Botox treatment options and expanding your practice’s menu of services? We are the best place to give it a try. Our trainers are experts in the field and are performing these treatments on patients every day. MINT has both in-person Botox training as well as an Injectables E-course, that will help both first-time injectors as well as seasoned professionals looking to enhance their skills.

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