MINT Testimonials


From Our Clients

We have owned the Mint e-course for a few months now are are really enjoying all the information. As an owner it’s a great way to train new staff and keep current staff supplied with on going training on not only customer service practices; but also technical aspects of running our new lasers.

Angela Baldasare

“I was already impressed by Matt  Taranto after initially meeting him at a local meeting.  But after visiting his medispa and having the customized training tailored to our specific needs, I am convinced that anyone considering opening a medical spa or anyone trying to improve their existing business, should utilize the consulting services available through his Aesthetic Consulting service. We learned so much in that 48 hours including business structure, marketing , practice building ideas, cost saving strategies, as welll as receiving clinical training and experienced tips in order to get the best results from our equipment.” Dr. Lisa Liberatore
, Lexington ENT – New York, NY

Dr. Lisa Liberatore

Electric Ave, NY

“I hired Matt with MINT to visit my practice in Florida and help my staff and I maximize our potential.  The return on my investment has been nearly immediate.  Our improved staff efficiency, new product offerings, and expansion of services has greatly increased income and market share and we have introduced multiple new revenue streams that were not previously being taken advantage of.  Matt and his staff are consummate professionals with an incredible breadth of knowledge in the field of aesthetics.  I would highly recommend both new and established practices take advantage of the services available through Aesthetic Consulting Group.” 
 Dr. Jacques LeBeau LeBeau Clinic – Pensacola, FL

Dr. Jacques LeBeau

Tuscany, WI