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BBL™ & Halo™ Immersion Course DENVER

November 23rd 2019 9:00am-3:00pm


Morning Agenda

Kathy Taranto will dive into how to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 

• How to successfully market your clinic and procedures

• Marketing best practices

• Front desk and phone skills

Review menu of services, treatment pricing, equipment assets and needs, product overview and recommendations

• Overview of website and search engine optimization, 

outsourced marketing tools, synergistic and trade

marketing, gift cards, clinic parties, event planning and customer review

• Master the technique of performing comprehensive and effective consultations for long-term treatment plans

• Creating a work environment your employee will love

• Delivering amazing customer service


Afternoon Hands-on

Corrective BBL: focusing on advanced settings to

effectively treat pigment and vascular conditions like sun

damage, hyper pigmentation, rosacea, and dark Fitzpatrick

FYBBL Treatment: hands on technique, with and without Skintyte, focusing on attaining the best results, as well as consultation tools on building a consistent revenue stream

HALO Pro Treatment: updated protocols, settings, and   technique, focusing on melasma, treating darker

Fitzpatricks, combination therapy and more