Microneedling by Laura

Microneedling by Laura

I’ve talked about some pretty amazing treatments throughout the years, but I always get one question, “What’s your favorite ‘go to’ treatment if you had to pick one, you know, the one you can’t live without?” I’d have to say Microneedling. After all Kim K has endorsed it..pause for eye rolling..ūü§£

Meet Laura – MINT Training & Aesthetician at AesthetiCare Medspa

History of Microneedling

The earliest forms of microneedling were reported by acupuncturists in China, centuries ago.¬†¬†In Germany, in 1905, they used a device made of rotating dental burrs for scar and birthmark removal, OUCH! ¬†¬†And, in 1995, two dermatologist brothers in the U.S. used a bevel needle to treat scars and wrinkles. ¬†By the mid 2000’s, the devices used were being transformed to treat all kinds of cosmetic skin issues like acne scars, sun damage, wrinkles, mild redness, stretch marks and pores, with little downtime.
Sounds to good to be true, right? ¬†Well, in¬†2010, plastic surgery research¬†showed a 140% increase in epidermal thickness and dermal thickness. All the studies that have been presented and published show epidermal improvement and dermal improvement about 150% to 200% of¬†baseline over time. ¬†Microneedling¬†also has an 86% “Worth It” rating on Realself.com by patients who have gone through the treatments. ¬†

Check out this “review” from a satisfied client*:

“After reading about Microneedling on a blog from my favorite Medi Spa, AesthetiCare in Leawood, KS, I decided to check it out for myself. ¬†I had a complimentary [Visia] Skin Analysis that was really hi-tech and I was told Microneedling was perfect for me. ¬†I have to be honest, I was pretty nervous about having needles shoved in my face. ¬†I thought I’d be in pain and have to take a week off work, but that wasn’t the case. ¬†They assured me 1-2 days was it. Upon arrival for my treatment, I was given a consent form from the beautiful, sweet CatLibAndLisStaceElisa at the reception desk. ¬†Not gonna lie, this made me even more nervous, do you ever read those things, wowzers! ¬†My Estie Bestie, LaSamiffer took me back to the treatment room and applied a topical cream that helps numb the skin and, after 30 minutes, we began the procedure. ¬†She cleansed my skin and applied a serum that helps with healing and collagen production. Then she turned on the machine that sounded like a loud buzzing. ¬†She touched the tip to my skin and as I clenched in anticipation, I realized I didn’t feel more than a little tickle and vibration. ¬†Really, it wasn’t bad! When we were done, I looked like I had a bad sunburn and it was a little warm. ¬†I was able to wear makeup the very next day and no one could tell I had a treatment the day before. ¬†A week later my skin was glowing and smooth and that was just the beginning. ¬†I was told this type of treatment can keep improving skin up to six months later! Microneedling is now in a staple of my regular beauty maintenance routine.”

*this review is not real and written for entertainment/educational purposes only.

Considering Microneedling?

Microneedling is the best, however, it’s not for everyone. ¬†If you have active acne, rosacea or raised scars you should avoid this treatment. If you’re in doubt about what’s right for you, seek out a professional.

Need Microneedling Training?

Come learn from the best! Laura is a MINT trainer on various clinical treatments and we would love the opportunity to teach you how!