Welcome to the new MINT website!

Welcome to the new MINT website!

Welcome to the new MINT Aesthetic website!  It has been a long time coming, and we are confident it will provide our clients with a wealth of information and an easy way to keep up with all the training and consulting services we offer.  

We are very blessed to be in an industry such as aesthetics that is not only fun, but also one that is advancing at such a rapid rate.  It has come such a long way from when we at Mint first began, back in the day of huge lasers with tiny spot sizes, crystal blowing microdermabrasion machines, bovine collagen, etc.  With all the great new technology, and increased public awareness, there has never been a better time to be in aesthetics.

We truly enjoy sharing with our Mint clients our 16 years of experience in owning and operating AesthetiCare Medspa.  AesthetiCare has truly been a labor of love for us.  We started with 2 employees and now have 20, and have had 15 consecutive years of double-digit growth.  In 2016, we will eclipse $4M in sales, and we firmly believe the next 15 years are going to be far better than our first 15.  We believe that having AesthetiCare as our model, it enables us to teach our Mint clients proven techniques and strategies, not just things we read in a book.  

We look forward to developing long-term relationships with all our Mint clients.  We truly want to be a resource that our clients can continually look at for advise, tools, and expertise.  There is nothing more satisfying to us than seeing our clients exceed beyond their expectations.

Come on this great journey with us.  We’re going to have a blast!!