Dec 2020 – BBL + HALO Virtual Immersion

The video above is our complete BBL + Halo Virtual Immersion Course from December 11, 2020. The video itself is broken apart with timestamps, which we have also included for your reference below.

0:00:00 – Welcome/Introduction
0:07:15 – AesthetiCare & COVID Update
0:41:21 – Business Marketing Training
2:04:53 – Clinical Training
4:44:02 – Hands On Demonstration
5:44:44 – Closing

Virtual Immersion Presentation

Virtual Immersion Q & As

Client Intake Form

BBL Consent Form

BBL Post Care

BBL Treatment Chart

BBL Settings Cheat Sheet

Halo Consent Form

Halo Post Care

Halo Post Care Day by Day

Example Halo Post Care Kit + Sources

Halo Treatment Chart for Face

Halo Treatment Chart for Body

Halo Settings Cheat Sheet


Q1: Is there a way to get the information on the company in Texas for the antibody tests?

Par 3 Health Ventures, LLC. Kyle Hooper – – (817)291-7405

Q2: Who manages your website?

AesthetiCare has worked with a local digital company, Lifted Logic for the past 5 years. They did such an amazing job, we joined forced and started MINT Marketing (the baby of MINT and Lifted Logic). We can help you! Give us a call!

Q3: What products do you use to pretreat Asian skin for Halo, and how many weeks prior? What settings
would you recommend to use?

We use a product called The Perfect Bleaching Cream ( It is 4% hydroquinone, licorice extract, kojic, arbutin and ascorbic acid. It retails for $76 ($38 wholesale). We prefer to pretreat for 30 days prior to treatment. Settings for Fitz IV – 1470 400u @10-15% and 2940 20u at 10% or less.

Q4: What is the LED Device that you use for acne? Also, do you use ProNox for BBL?

We use the Lightwave system and LOVE it! Generally, we do not use pronox for BBL but would
consider if the client was really having a hard time.

Q5: What is the spray that was being used? The anti fungal spray?

We use Lasercyn Dermal Spray (hypochlorous acid) before and after treatment which is antifungal and antimicrobial. The spray used during the treatment is from Avene. It is their thermal spring water spray. It just feels good 😉

Q6: Why only treat the scar and not the entire neck for a uniform treatment?

Of course you could treat the entire neck! Her concern was the scar but treating the entire neck
would be even better!

Q7: What numbing cream does everyone like to use?

We use a 23% lidocaine, 7% tetracaine. For details on the numbing cream we use, you can call Stark Pharmacy (913)345-3800