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Coachlight West Des Moines

January 2024

As a training company, MINT Aesthetics works with a diverse array of clinics with varying priorities and motivations. In recognition of those optimizing resources and paving the way for team success, we are excited to introduce the Clinic To Watch initiative. For January 2024, the spotlight falls on Coachlight West Des Moines of Des Moines, Iowa, marking the inaugural practice to receive this esteemed recognition.

Coachlight West Des Moines emerges as a trailblazer, securing acknowledgment for its outstanding team, exceptional patient care, innovative outlook, and unwavering commitment to ongoing education in the ever-evolving landscape of medical aesthetics.

Notably, the clinic boasts three team members positioned in the Top 10 Providers for 2023 by Cosmetic Physician Partners (CPP). This achievement is a testament to their united understanding of company: a commitment to driving results, serving client needs, exceeding expectations, endorsing honesty and integrity, fostering education, and advocating for a team approach.

Denise Tegels, Clinic & Spa Manager, states, “While we appreciate the recognition, this is a reflection of a team who follows their values. We are a result-driven practice, and we want every patient and guest to receive the best results. We will do what it takes to make sure we are meeting and exceeding these expectations.”

The clinic’s prioritization of exceptional care and results underscores a profound dedication to supporting its team above all. Tegels emphasizes, “Supporting the staff is our priority. They all need to have the resources to do their job, and it is our responsibility to provide these to them.” Regular meetings to review service and retail goals, coupled with outstanding leadership in Dr. David Robbins and Brenda Bohnenkamp, create an environment where the team thrives.

Team photo of Medical Aesthetics practice Coachlight West Des Moines to acknowledged by MINT Aesthetics.

Acknowledging their role as the first Clinic To Watch, Coachlight West Des Moines is no stranger to recognition for their performance. Beyond this most recent accolade, the clinic has garnered numerous honors, ranging from Best Local Spa to being ranked #1 Practice in Iowa for Coolsculpting, Botox, and more. The nomination stands as another testament to the team’s hard work and dedication, acknowledged by Regional Director of CPP, Sherrie Jones.

Tegels reflects on their approach, stating, “Putting staff first will always be our objective—to know we have each other’s back and we walk together. I have always believed if we focus on the growth of the team, the rest will follow.” This philosophy aligns with creating a ‘Circle of Safety,’ as eloquently put by Simon Sinek.

Looking towards the future, Coachlight West Des Moines remains committed to growth, evident in the addition of treatment rooms and an ongoing quest for improvement. Their dedication reflects a continuous pursuit of excellence in patient care, downtime management, and results.

In the realm of medical aesthetics, Coachlight West Des Moines not only sets a high bar but continues to elevate it. The Clinics To Watch nomination transcends a mere accolade; it stands as a testament to the clinic’s unwavering dedication to its team, patients, and the future landscape of medical aesthetics.

To delve deeper into the remarkable practices at Coachlight West Des Moines, visit their website. Additionally, explore the insights shared in the Making A Multi Million Dollar Medspa Podcast episode featuring MINT owner Kathy Taranto and Coachlight Director Brenda Bohnenkamp.