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This episode is a wealth of expertise! Join Kathy as she dives into the journey of spouses and colleagues Dr. Heather Furnas & Dr. Paco Canales, exploring the evolution of their thriving clinic. From transitions in treatments and location to harnessing the power of technology and AI, this conversation is brimming with insights. Follow along as the former reconstructive surgeons delve into the lessons they learned in the process of building their leading clinic, Allegro Medspa. Discover how they’ve adapted and grown over the years, from the impacts of their website to maintaining excellence in a dynamic industry.

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In today’s discussion:

  • Experience in reconstructive surgery
  • Moving to the west coast and transitioning to aesthetics
  • The love story of Heather & Paco
  • Shifting from reconstructive surgery to aesthetics
  • Creating the client experience through customer service
  • Writing an outstanding  job description to attract the best candidates
  • Improved efficacy & safety of new treatments
  • The benefits and practical uses of weight-loss shots
  • Importance of marketing and websites
  • Getting review without getting uncomfortable
  • The Skintuition Podcast
  • Understanding the business of your business
  • Drawbacks of transactional mindsets in a medspa
  • AI and it’s growing impacts
  • Maintaining a spousal partnership while working together

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