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We made $260,000 in revenue in 10 weeks with a Sciton Laser. Curious how we did it?


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Quickly recoup the costs of your Sciton laser.

Our MINT trainers work with AesthetiCare Med Spa clients every day. This real-world knowledge is invaluable. We see what works, and then pass our best-practices along to you when you train with us!

Just bought a diVa laser? We’ll teach you how to maximize your investment.

Train with us and receive marketing pieces to expand your brand, training guides for advanced equipment settings, and proper service protocols to ensure your success.

What to Expect at

MINT’s Sciton Laser Training

Train with Sciton Laser Experts

Our team at MINT Aesthetics are the experts for educating and operating Sciton Lasers. When the Halo Laser was in development, Sciton chose AesthetiCare for in-house testing to help perfect the uses and modalities for this laser.

Customize Treatment with Laser Modalities

MINT Aesthetics owns and trains on 22 different lasers. We have experience with and access to the top lasers in the industry. Whether you own a Forever Young BBL, a Halo, or a DiVa laser, we are your experts in the aesthetic laser training industry.

Personalized Training Structure

Our training structure allows you to have your training plan customized for your staff’s specific needs. MINT works with your team at your pace, allowing you to maximize your training where you need it the most.  We won’t waste your time training on subjects that you are already comfortable with.

Ongoing Support

A trusted training partner provides support and answers questions when you need it most. This is an essential key for success. We provide complementary marketing pieces to share with your customers, provide guides to use advanced equipment settings and share proper protocols to ensure ongoing success.

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MINT Aesthetics is happy to apply Sciton credits towards your purchase. Please complete the form below.  We will contact Sciton on your behalf to verify your available points. We’ll email you a coupon code that can be applied towards your purchase!



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