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Pure 111

March 2024

As the medical aesthetics industry becomes increasingly competitive, standing out demands more than just proficiency—it requires an extraordinary commitment to service and branding. That’s where our next Clinic to Watch breaks the mold and excels. Pure 111, based in Fairview Heights, Illinois, has not only embraced this philosophy but has elevated it to an art form, earning them the title of Clinic To Watch for March 2024.

For Amy Katsikas, the mastermind behind Pure 111, an exceptional client experience begins before they even step in the door. From the initial touchpoints on social media and the website to the moment a client books an appointment and arrives at the clinic, Pure 111 strives to ensure the client is enveloped in the experience. Amy explains, “I wanted the branding to equal the excellent service that we provide.”

Pure 111’s commitment to its brand is evident in various aspects There is virtually nothing at Pure 111 that isn’t intentionally crafted to immerse clients into the brand and make them experience the luxury on another level. Amy produces a periodical to recognize other businesses and be amongst the community; the magazine too represents the experience of Pure 111. Within the clinic, it’s a whole other level. She shares, “I wanted to get that feel when people came in, and that feel meant all the senses.” From the brand’s colors of black, gold, navy, and white to the team’s matching scrubs and gold 111 necklaces, the cohesion of the experience is unmatched.

Here are just some of the experiential aspects of Pure 111:

• Clients see the brand colors throughout the clinic, fresh flowers each week, and the staff in matching scrubs, shoes, jackets, and necklaces. 

• The sound of modern music played in instrumentals is played throughout the clinic. 

• When inside the clinic, the Pure 111 signature scent is pumped through HVAC and continues to linger on the products and bags after leaving the clinic.

• Clients can feel the luxury through everything they touch such as heavy-weight, glossed printables, cards, and bags.

• As they leave, clients are given mints leaving the taste of refreshment in their mouth as their experience comes to a close. 


When asked why this level of attention is given to branding and experience, Amy shared that it all comes down to competition. “Our industry is getting more and more competitive, and I have always wanted to stand out from the rest.” When conceptualizing this experience she asked herself what could they do to be better than the rest? The answer has become clear. “We can provide an experience that makes every client feel special and want to keep coming back because of the feeling they get from the second they come to see us.” 

Pure 111 not only sets the standard but raises the bar. Amy notes that the recognition validates the hard work and dedication from not only herself, but the entire Pure 111 team. Beyond the branding, her staff represents the clinic in their reputation as well. Prioritizing training and constant education allows the team to give off an air of confidence and competence, which Amy believes adds to their success. “Our clients feel confident they are in good hands here both in safety and aesthetics.”

This rise to the top isn’t the ceiling for Pure 111. Amy operates under the philosophy of “innovate or die” giving us the impression, this is only the beginning. “We will keep adding to our brand,” she says. We can only imagine the incredible initiatives they will take in the future. 

For anyone looking to enhance their brand, Amy suggests putting themselves in the mind of the client. Ask what you want to experience. Whether it’s fun Tik Toks, deep friendship connections or amazing treatment results, there are no limits to how you can solidify your brand. “Branding can involve so much more than just a logo. It’s the entire feel.” 

We ended the conversation with a final question: If you had to choose one other thing to be recognized for, what would it be? She responds quickly, “that question is easy to answer. My staff!” Though her concepts have been put into practice, none of the incredible success would be possible without the rest of the team. At essentially zero turnover, the team has come to embody the brand itself. “Typically, once someone works here, they stay, which is a testament to the environment we pride ourselves on… People want to be here.” 

It’s safe to assume the culmination of luxury, experience, the team, and outstanding leadership have contributed to the incredible success of Pure 111. We’re confident that this is just the beginning of the awesome things they will accomplish. To learn more about Pure 111 and stay updated with their remarkable journey, visit their website and delve into the unique world they have meticulously crafted. You can also find them on the Making A (Multi) Million Dollar Medspa Podcast in Episode #5 – Prioritizing Standards and Expertise over Speed and Volume with Pure 111 Aesthetics.