Everyone wants to be the best. Mediocrity and second place are never as good as coming in first. But saying you want to be the best and doing what it takes to get there are two very different things. What is one way to start working towards being the best? Placing an emphasis and focus on standards, protocols, training, and expertise is a great place to start!

This week’s episode has not one, but two special guests, Amy Katsikas and Laura Schutze from Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics in Fairview Heights, Illinois.  Amy is the founder of Pure 111 and Laura is the very first nurse she hired and her right hand woman.  These two powerhouse women have built an amazing practice doing exactly what we mentioned above. They lead their team in a way we respect and admire and we are so excited to share their insight and wisdom. Tune in as we chat about how Pure 111 got started, what keeps them the busiest, how they vet new technology, and when they know it’s time to hire.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. The inspiration/driving force that started Pure 111
  2. What they love most about this industry
  3. Why they believe they are busy and successful
  4. How they vet new technology and treatments
  5. How they handle growth and decide when to hire
  6. Which treatments and products are working the best for them

Learn More about Amy and Laura:

  1. Check out their practice Pure 111 Medical Aesthetics
  2. Connect with them on Instagram or Facebook.

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