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The Beauty Barn

June 2024

MINT Aesthetics is back with another outstanding member of our industry. Nestled in Canton, Georgia, comes our June Clinic To Watch: The Beauty Barn! This clinic has rapidly established itself as a leader in the medspa industry. Founded in early 2021, this clinic’s remarkable journey from a single room inside of a barn—yes, a barn!—to a thriving business with a second location opening in July 2024 exemplifies what a love for aesthetics truly looks like. Nominated for their commitment to continuing education, passionate team, and inspiring business story, The Beauty Barn shows what hard work and dedication is all about.

Commitment to Continuing Education
At the heart of The Beauty Barn’s success is its dedication to ongoing education and professional development. The clinic prioritizes this by investing in regular training and development opportunities for its team. “Our six injectors are encouraged to attend workshops, conferences, and advanced courses to stay updated with the latest techniques and innovations in the industry,” explains provider, Julie Thorne. This focus ensures that The Beauty Barn remains at the cutting edge of aesthetics, providing clients with the highest quality of care with the most effective treatments on the market.

In living this commitment, The Beauty Barn sent its providers to Kansas City to train here at MINT. They spent the day getting hands-on practice on real cases and excelled so much, they ended up nominated for our Clinics To Watch! Clinical trainer Rebecca Loewen noted, “The Beauty Barn team asked great questions. They were engaged; they listened and absorbed it all. They were truly there to learn and grow in their craft.” Though we are in the business of training, their hunger to improve their treatments was evident in the way they engaged with the trainer, the content, and the models.

Fostering a Palpable Passion
Beyond technical proficiency, The Beauty Barn thrives on the amazing passion of its team. The clinic fosters a supportive and inspiring environment where every team member can excel. This culture of passion and dedication is palpable in every interaction with clients, helping to build strong, lasting relationships.

The clinic’s journey from a modest beginning to a successful expansion is a testament to its determination and vision. “Our awesome business story, starting from a single room in early 2021 and expanding to a second location in July 2024, is a testament to our dedication, hard work, and the trust of our 5,500 clients,” Thorne shares. This narrative not only motivates the team but inspires others with a vision for their future in aesthetics.

The Beauty Barn Origin Story
Beginning as a means to avoid a 1-hour trek to get Botox, The Beauty Barn’s founder Dr. Amy Hubert began in a single room. After partnering with her best friend, and now provider, Julie Thorne, The Beauty Barn has exploded to meet the ever-growing needs of their client base. The practice will have two locations as 2024 closes out serving as a reminder of the effects of such passion and dedication. In The Beauty Barn’s publication, Barn, you can learn more about where the clinic started and the path it took toward excellence.

Advice for Other Clinics
Thorne offers valuable advice for other clinics aspiring to similar success. “It’s crucial to prioritize ongoing education and training for your team.” She also calls out the environment built within the clinic noting that passionate work and a supportive culture allows providers to thrive.

Maybe the most impactful piece of advice she shares comes from the essence of their origin as well. “Remember that every successful business has its unique story—embrace it, learn from it, and use it as a foundation for growth and inspiration.”

This holistic approach—combining technical expertise, a supportive culture, and a compelling narrative—has been instrumental in The Beauty Barn’s growth. It’s ideals have proven to build a space of excelling providers as well as loyal clients.

Recognition and What’s To Come
The Clinics To Watch nomination is only a badge to the daily efforts of continuing education, passion, and business growth. “Being recognized for these qualities is an incredible honor. It validates the hard work and dedication of our team and reinforces our mission to provide outstanding care to our clients,” the Thorne states. The accolade not only celebrates past achievements but also motivates The Beauty Barn to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence and innovation.

Looking ahead, The Beauty Barn aims to build on its achievements by expanding its training programs to benefit even those outside its immediate team, creating a comprehensive training environment. The clinic is also committed to exploring new techniques and technologies to stay at the forefront of the industry. “Our upcoming second location is a significant step towards reaching more clients and enhancing our services. We plan to keep building on our story by setting new goals and continually striving for excellence,” Thone explains.

Though their nomination is meaningful to where they are, as they grow, there are hopes for even more recognition. Central to The Beauty Barn’s ethos lies client satisfaction. “Ensuring our clients feel valued, heard, and satisfied with their experience at The Beauty Barn is paramount and has led to nearly 600 five-star Google reviews, captured completely organically without use of a single offer or incentive,” Thorne proudly states. The future of The Beauty Barn is beaming with those stars and the many more sure to come.

The Beauty Barn’s journey is a compelling example of how dedication to education, fostering passion, and embracing a unique business story can lead to remarkable success. As the clinic continues to grow and innovate, it remains a beacon of excellence in the medspa industry, inspiring others to strive for similar heights no matter the path that lies ahead. With its second location on the horizon and a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction, The Beauty Barn is well on its way to setting new standards and achieving even greater milestones in the future. Congratulations to the team at The Beauty Barn! We are honored to train and support you on your incredible journey.

To learn more about The Beauty Barn or follow along with the amazing things they’re doing, check out their website. You can also read their publication, Barn here