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Welcome to A Dr. Burns Series of the Making A Multi Million Dollar Medspa Podcast! We are confident that you will love this series and the collision of personal and professional. These guests are paving the way for aesthetics professionals to grow in their careers. By sharing their insights, we hope you feel empowered to take the next steps in your practice, adapt your settings, and improve treatment results.

In this episode, Dr. Jay Burns joins the podcast to kick off his A Dr. Burns Series. Dr. Burns and Kathy Taranto discuss the latest aesthetic treatments, their favorite technologies, and the importance of client comfort. The conversation highlights combo treatments, positive culture in the workplace, and shares insights on building a successful practice. Dr. Burns also shares the revolutionizing effects of a recent read: Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller. Join us for a deep dive into the world of aesthetics and practice success with one of the industry’s most skilled and experienced professionals.

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Discussion topics in this episode:

Amazing Moxi results

Favorite projects

Stacking treatments/combination therapy

Keeping clients comfortable with Genius

Cultural/management tips & ideas

The importance of creating amazing work culture

Implementing change in an office

StoryBrand & its key points

Key to finding a successful manager

Cutting out what isn’t important

Treatments we love

Resources from this Episode

Dr. Jay Burns

Resurrect Skin MD