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In today’s episode, Kathy engages  with Dan Schacter, the CEO of Cosmetic Physician Partners (CPP). Dan, with his extensive background in accounting and finance, coupled with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, shares invaluable insights garnered over the years. 

The episode explores the influential figures who shaped Dan’s journey and delves into the establishment and purpose of CPP. From advantages of scale to partnership incentives, Dan provides a unique perspective on its role versus private equity. The conversation deepens as they discuss essential questions to ask when considering a clinic sale or private equity involvement. No matter where you’re at with your own clinic, this is an exceptional episode to learn more about the industry.

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In today’s discussion:

Influential people and mentors
The path to success
CPP: what it is, what it’s not, and how it supports clinics
Questions to ask when considering private equity 
True partnership
Looking out for the interests of your team
Must have tools for clinics

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