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In this quick episode, Kathy shares some of the ways AesthetiCare continues to thrive as laser season dwindles away. From events to training, she shares examples (and numbers) so you can see the impacts in practice.

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In today’s discussion:

Sweat 4k Giveaway
$4k package giveaway with local gym and DJ
Prize package consisted of Miradry treatment, 6 month gym membership, and a 2 hour DJ set
The DJ received the Miradry treatment and posted about the process, the gym posted about the event they were hosting. 

863 people entered the giveaway—over 200 were totally new to AesthetiCare!

Resources: Events: Big, Small, & Virtual E-courseEpisode #20 – Leveraging Low-Cost Strategies to Build B2B Relationships

Filler special in July and August of 2023
During the special all Galderma filler was BOGO (existing clients got 50% a syringe, new clients got a free syringe)
Galderma agreed to donate all free syringes for new clients

$161K were generated between two locations with the special

Resources: Marketing E-courseDermal Fillers E-courseEpisode #34 – The Business of Injectables with Matt Taranto & Noreen Bollinger

Leverage Your Team:
Consultation deal for existing clients
30-minute follow up consultation with Visia for photo imaging
Compare original photos, progress photos, and current photos to let the client see their progress
Deal: Any single treatment booked at the consult for July or August was 20% off (AC’s largest discount)

Received 110 treatment bookings from the consults (Ward Parkway: 65 bookings, Liberty: 45 bookings)

Resources: The Perfect Consultation E-courseEvents: Big, Small & Virtual E-course

Take advantage of slow times to pull your team into training. 
Ask what they want to learn or need support with. 
Work on new devices/technology in preparation for the next laser season

Resources: Online E-coursesIn-Person TrainingVirtual TrainingGroup Training


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