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It’s the end of an era… Well, a season anyways! In our final episode of season 5, expert injector Noreen Bollinger shares the answers to your injectable questions! From decisions in technique to what she’s loving most this year, you’ll get the inside scoop on your injectables. 

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In today’s discussion:

Filler or neurotoxin?

What determines which type/size of needle you use?

What do you think of SkinVive?

If you were a new provider, what zones would recommend learning first?

How do you tell someone they don’t need more filler?

How can I improve my treatments and technique? 

How do you decide which brand/type of neurotoxin to use on a client?

When should I do filler: before or after lasers?

What are your thoughts on the studies coming out showing that filler is lasting much longer than previously thought?

Does skincare really affect the results of injectables?

How do you stay up to date on new products?

What tips do you have for an aesthetician looking to support the injectors in my clinic?

When do you talk about cost of the treatment with the client?

Do you prefer treating older or younger clients?

What is your protocol when complications arise?

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