Starting a medspa can be a daunting undertaking, but the rewards are so worth it! Leaning into the learning curve and being open to the process can make a huge difference when just starting out. Navigating the pitfalls, determining what services to offer, and learning the equipment capabilities are just a few of the major tasks that come with building a clinic. Our guest this week, Dr. Andrea Tse, left a career in Anesthesiology to take on the world of Aesthetics. Dr. Tse created Optimal U Medical Aesthetics in Sacramento, CA to breathe positivity and grace into the aging process. Throughout her journey, she has embraced the learning moments and continued to grow her practice, so much so that her husband is following her lead and diving into the aesthetics industry too. From biggest takeaways to key training, this episode will take you through the early life of a medspa and how aesthetics goes beyond that youthful glow.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. What she is most excited about in the industry
  2. Her favorite treatment for slowing the aging process
  3. Combining IV therapy with aesthetics
  4. Her biggest learning moments in beginning the medspa
  5. Making the decision to leave a career to start in Aesthetics
  6. Looking toward the future of the industry

Learn more about Dr. Andrea Tse:

  1. Check out her practice: Optimal U Medical Aesthetics
  2. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook

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  1. Want to learn the process for using BBL?  Our BBL E-course covers in-depth training on technology basics, safe-start settings, treatment protocols, hands on demonstrations, and more.
  2. Need assistance with Marketing & Sales for your clinic? MINT’s Marketing E-courses offer a range of essential business functions for operating your medspa.
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