Another week, another podcast, another amazing colleague. As we’ve said before, our industry and community is made up of so many wonderful and inspirational individuals. This podcast has become a passion project of ours, as it has given us the opportunity to catch up with some friends we have not seen for a while and hear all about their exciting projects and success. There is nothing better than seeing people you know and respect succeed (plus sharing their tips for success with all of you)! 

This week’s guest Dr. Lonny Green, is the Founder and Medical Director of Rêvée Aesthetics, formerly Rejuvenate MD, in Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Green is another longtime MINT client and a respected surgeon, business owner, and ninja injector!   Tune is as we chat about his very interesting career path, how he cultivates an amazing work environment, his favorite marketing tools, and the planning and motivation behind his big rebrand. Dr. Green and his team launched their rebrand a month ago, and moved into their new location JUST LAST WEEK!  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. His path from surgeon to medical aesthetics
  2. The 3 influential people he has modeled his business practices on
  3. How he builds a team and creates an amazing work environment
  4. How he assesses his competition and decides pricing strategy
  5. Tips on establishing lifetime customer relationships and loyalty
  6. His favorite marketing tools and how to bring people in the door

Learn More about Dr. Green:

  1. Check out his practice Rêvée Aesthetics
  2. Connect with him on Instagram: @revee.aesthetics or @ninjainjector.

MINT Training Resources based on today’s discussion:

  1. Looking for the tips on building an amazing team? Our Superstar Staffing E-course is jam packed with how we hire, staff incentive examples, on-boarding training plans, and more!
  2. Want more ideas on marketing tools and how to utilize Social Media to boost your business? Our Marketing E-course has calendar templates, social media post examples, and tons of information about what works for us.
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  4. Interested in coming to Kansas City to train like Dr. Green and his team did?  Learn more about MINT Private Training and Consulting.

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