We don’t know who needs to hear this, but we are part of a very exciting industry that is making amazing impacts on clients’ lives every day!  When the days feel long and your back hurts from bending over a laser table all day, remember that you are the reason someone is smiling at their reflection in the mirror, or feels confident posing in their daughter’s wedding photos, or doesn’t have to wear layers and layers of makeup every day.  We do amazing things to skin on the daily basis, and our industry and our technology is advancing every day to help us do even more!    

This week’s guest Erin Hennessey, is the Founder of Blush Aesthetics in Toledo, Ohio. Erin is another longtime friend and MINT client and a frequent panelist, guest speaker, and educator at industry events across the country.  She also shares our passion for skin health and wellness and has an amazing wealth of knowledge we are so excited to tap into.  Tune in as we chat about what she’s excited about in the industry, the importance of investing in training and education, and the treatment she can’t live without.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. What she is most excited about in the industry
  2. Her favorite treatment she can’t live without
  3. Details on how she performs Forever Clear BBL treatments
  4. How she decides and promotes different post care options for different skin types
  5. Pricing strategy tips for multi-session treatments
  6. The importance of investing in yourself and training 

Learn More about Erin Hennessey:

  1. Check out her practice Blush Aesthetics
  2. Connect with her on Instagram or Facebook.

MINT Training Resources based on today’s discussion:

  1. Interested in coming to Kansas City to train like Erin and her team did?  Learn more about MINT Private Training and Consulting.
  2. Want to learn the settings we use for BBL and ForeverYoung BBL treatments? Our BBL E-course covers in-depth training on technology basics, safe-start settings, treatment protocols, hands on demonstrations, and more.
  3. Not an E-course Subscriber? Learn more about our different E-course Subscription Options or Schedule a Demo to see the content for yourself.

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