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Charlotte Sims

April 2024

April has just begun and we are celebrating the emergence of spring and our first Provider To Watch! Typically in our Clinics To Watch program, we highlight an entire clinic that is paving the way in aesthetics. However, this month, we are zeroing in on a single provider who is doing amazing things.

Congratulations to Charlotte Sims, an esteemed member of the Blue Spiral Medspa team, and our distinguished selection for MINT’s April Provider To Watch. Charlotte’s journey through the realm of aesthetic medicine has earned her a nomination for being a true team player and amazing performance as a provider; she averages over $120k per month! These nominations are simply testaments to her embodiment of dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, making her a shining example in her field.

As a member of Cosmetic Physician Partners, CPP, Blue Spiral Med Spa has access to reporting which has put amazing providers like Charlotte in the spotlight. “CPP has put numbers in a different perspective for me.” Instead of comparing her numbers to that of the past, both her and management can see how she stacks up to other nurse injectors across the country. She continues, “It’s been nice to say, ‘okay, well maybe I am doing pretty good!’”

For over 11 years, she has worked under Dr. Ed Pittman in his plastic surgery practice prepping patients for pre-op. As he added in more injectables to his schedule, Charlotte was an engaged assistant. “I would ask him what he was doing, how was he doing it. I just remember one day him looking at me and saying , ‘You sure do like this. Do you want to learn this?’” Her answer—a resounding YES!—has brought her to where she is today. What began as a mere fascination evolved into a profound passion, as Charlotte embraced the artistry and science behind cosmetic treatments.

Today, her favorite treatments to perform are injectables, both neurotoxins and dermal fillers. For Charlotte, injectables aren’t just procedures; they’re transformative experiences. Botox and filler, serve as vehicles for empowering her patients, instilling confidence, and restoring a sense of joy and vitality. “I love watching patients so excited about their results,” she says. 

Throughout her tenure, Charlotte faced and conquered challenges, most notably the task of shifting patient perspectives from doctor-led to nurse-led care. Providers are commonly met with hesitation when clients previously treated at the hands of a licensed MD are moved to a nurse no matter how much experience they may have. With the unwavering support and mentorship of Dr. Pittman, she navigated these challenges with grace and determination. “Dr. Pittman was upfront and supportive. The trust in me came from him.” Since that time, Charlotte has garnered trust and support from her clients building a book of business landing her among leading injectors.

In the city of Athens, GA, word of mouth is the currency and loyalty is of the highest value. “Loyalty is big. This lady moved to the area and found her injector and hairstylist before she found her dentist and doctor,” Charlotte laughs. Joking aside, she urges providers to give it time to develop those die-hard loyalists.

Beyond her clinical prowess, Charlotte embodies the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that defines the culture at Blue Spiral Medspa. She believes in the power of honesty, loyalty, and continuous learning, fostering an environment where every team member thrives and grows. Her biggest takeaway, “it starts at the top. Everyone supports everyone at Blue Spiral.”

Charlotte’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring practitioners, a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance. She shares her best advice for paving your own path to excellence: get training, be honest and create treatment plans. “With injectables you have to be honest that it’s a process, not a one time treatment.”

As she continues to explore new horizons and embrace innovations like Sculptra with boundless enthusiasm, she remains a beacon of excellence and possibility in her field. “I’m a believer that you can teach an old dog new tricks. It just takes a lot longer.”

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Charlotte Sims on this remarkable achievement. Her selection as April’s Clinic To Watch is a testament to her unwavering dedication and exemplary contributions to the field of aesthetic medicine. Here’s to Charlotte, a true luminary whose light shines brightly, illuminating the path for others to follow.

She ended our conversation saying, “I’m super proud of Blue Spiral Med Spa.” We’re confident they’re proud of you too, Charlotte.

To learn more about Charlotte Sims and Blue Spiral Med Spa, visit their website. You can also follow along with their journey on Instagram. Be sure to nominate a clinic, provider, or treatment that drives excellence in aesthetics. Use the link below to submit your nomination.