Marketing is an essential aspect of a growing business. From events and emails to online presence and SEO, a marketing team works to maintain a consistent, valuable relationship with customers. At AesthetiCare, our marketing team does all that and more! 

Marketing Director, Karen Cobb, and External Marketing Coordinator, Laurie Morrissey, are sharing their stories on this week’s episode. Karen, a graphic designer by education, has been working with AesthetiCare for 5 years. While Karen handles the day-to-day and manages the internal work of a marketer, Laurie focuses on connecting with clients and businesses outside of the office. Together, AesthetiCare’s Dream Team of Marketing leads the communication between business and client while driving steady growth. Join us as we dive into the intricacies of marketing a medspa, virtual versus live events, and giving your website the attention it needs. We’ll also discuss creating a productive marketing team through tackling projects individually and as a whole. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to operate individually as a team
  • Where to invest more of your marketing energy
  • Creating a calendar to plan your marketing initiatives
  • Implementing eCommerce into your website
  • How to plan successful virtual and in-person events
  • Building relationship with other business in the community

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