Going back to school to continue the pursuit of a new career path seems like the ultimate deterrent for some. Yet, so many people find their passion after taking that leap. We’re so lucky that AesthetiCare Nurse Practitioner and MINT Aesthetics Trainer, Meredith Keller, did just that! As today’s guest, she shares her experience of juggling work, kids, marriage, and life while tackling nurse practitioner school. Meredith transitioned to aesthetics after spending the beginning of her career in communications and, eventually, medical nursing. It became apparent to her that by furthering her education, she would be able to work more autonomously within aesthetics. Now, Meredith splits her time between AesthetiCare as a provider and MINT Aesthetics as a trainer to share her expertise with others in the industry. Join us as we discuss learning moments, challenges in her journey, goals in her career and more! 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Leaving a career in cardiology for aesthetics
  • Treating clients through diVa
  • How going back to school supported her career growth
  • Learning moments and biggest rewards
  • Adding lasers into a client’s care plan
  • Being a leader in retail sales while avoiding traditional sales strategy

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