The treatment we all know and love, Botox, wasn’t even conceived until almost 1990. Over 30 years later, we live in a world that widely accepts cosmetic treatments such as this, dermal fillers, Sculptra and more. It makes sense that we are seeing a huge boom in the Botox industry. That’s where amazing staff, like Noreen Bollinger, come in. Noreen is an artist when it comes to injections having expertise in neurotoxins, dermal fillers, PDO threads, biostimulators, and PRP.  Noreen pushes herself to improve by constantly evaluating her work with a critical eye and challenging herself with every new case. She continues to perform as a stand-out among injectors within the practice. Noreen takes her work even further by working as a laser specialist as well. In this episode, we will talk with Noreen about how she came to be a leader in injectables, advice she has for others in the industry, how to handle difficult clients, and what she’s looking toward in the future of aesthetics. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How she got into the industry
  • Challenging yourself for growth
  • Maintaining a healthy amount of fear when injecting
  • Dealing with difficult injector clients
  • Slow progression of units in facial filler
  • Referring back to before and after photos for client reassurance

Keep up with Noreen:

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