We are incredibly fortunate, to be a part of an industry that is filled with A TON of smart people.  From savvy business minds to seasoned physicians and talented nurses and aestheticians, we are smack in the middle of a huge network of thought leaders. (Lucky for all of you, we have access to so many of them and get to pick their brains in this podcast! 😉)

This week’s podcast guest is another long time MINT Client and one of those smart people we are blessed to know, Dr. Peter Petropoulos.  Dr. Petropoulos is a highly respected board certified physician and the founder of Potomac Medical Aesthetics in Potomac, Maryland.  Tune in as we dive into what he’s most excited about in our industry, his favorite combination treatments, and what he would do differently if he was starting out today.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. His favorite treatments, technologies, and combinations
  2. Tips on how to get injectable clients from 1-2 syringes to 5-6 syringes
  3. How to get consistent, high quality before and after photos
  4. His biggest learning curve and what he would do differently
  5. Overall tips for making time for education and pursuing success

Learn More about Dr. Petropoulos:

  1. Check out his practice Potomac Medical Aesthetics
  2. Connect with him on Instagram or Facebook.

MINT Training Resources based on today’s discussion:

  1. Interested in learning how to reach those clinical endpoints that deliver amazing BBL results? Our BBL E-course covers in-depth training on technology basics, settings, treatment protocols to reach clinical endpoints, hands on demonstrations, and more!
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  3. Interested in coming to Kansas City for training and consulting like Dr. Petropoulos did?  Learn more about MINT Private Training and Consulting.

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