Partnering with local charities and giving back to our community has always been a passion and priority of ours. We love talking to our clients and our staff members about the different organizations they are involved in and finding new ways to play an active role in the wonderful communities we are a part of. This week’s episode features not one but two guests who are veterans in this industry and longtime friends who have taken the calling of serving their community to a whole new level.

Rick and Tami Schue are the dynamic father-daughter duo behind Altaire Clinic in Fargo, North Dakota. They have built an amazing and unique practice that offers medical aesthetics treatments as well as dermatology, hormone therapy, regenerative medicine, and primary care services! They listen to their clients and their community and find ways to make space and provide services for their needs. Tune in as we chat about how they got started working together, the out-of-the-box way they think about hiring, what excites them most about our industry, their favorite treatments, and more.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. The dynamics and history behind working together as father and daughter
  2. How they find their people and build an amazing team
  3. The treatments they both can’t live without
  4. How they handle difficult clients
  5. What they’re most excited about in the industry

Learn More about Rick and Tamra Schue:

  1. Check out their practice Altaire Clinic
  2. Connect with them on Instagram or Facebook.

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